Eutelsat OneWeb maritime dual parabolic user terminal

The OW50M is a dual parabolic maritime user terminal designed for Eutelsat OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. It has a 53cm reflector and G/T of 9.3 dB/K. The OW50M provides assured tracking capability even in the harshest of sea conditions, designed to meet the needs of customers across all maritime sectors.  
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Key Features

Low Latency

Providing global coverage (including both poles) Eutelsat OneWeb’s 648 satellite constellation provides fibre-like high speed, low latency connectivity to remote customers where terrestrial fibre connections are not possible. The OW50M operates in Ku-Band for minimum rain fade and is able to deliver unmatchable high-throughput, low-latency connectivity.



The technology behind our OW50M dual parabolic antennas integrates complex satellite communications technology into a UT specifically designed to meet the needs of many different maritime sectors including commercial fishing, energy and ferries. With an optimized G/T of 9.3dB/K and 53cm reflector, the OW50M is able to provide fast-speed, low-latency and high capacity connectivity.


Low Temperature Performance

Utilizing the latest heating device technology, the OW50M provides dependable performance in extremely low temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius). With Eutelsat OneWeb being the only LEO constellation committing to 100% coverage of the poles, you can be assured of optimal connectivity for vessels travelling in both polar regions.

Easily Deployable System

Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, the OW50M comes pre-assembled and designed for easy installation. With only a single cable needed to provide data and power between above and below deck units, installation time and complexity is significantly reduced.

LEO satellite scan and tracking algorithm

The Intellian OW50M provides seamless, undisrupted connectivity through a primary-primary dual dome solution for consistent connection with LEO satellite handovers. Each antenna operates independently offering enhanced flexibility to mitigate blockages and ensure optimal integrity of high-speed data transfer and low latency.


9.3 dB/K antennas with 3 axis stabilization

  • 3 axis stabilization allows seamless tracking of LEO satellites even when the ship is in motion
  • Full frequency operation on the OneWeb constellations providing a 10.7 – 12.7 GHz Forward link and a 14.0 – 14.5 GHz Return link

Radome Dimension

85.6 cm x 85 cm (33.7 x 33.5 inches)

Reflector Diameter

53 cm (20.9 inches)

Antenna Weight (Each)

52 kg | 54 kg with heating module

TX Frequency

14 GHz ~ 14.5 GHz

RX Frequency

10.7 GHz ~ 12.7 GHz

TX Gain

38.4 dBi

RX Gain

36.0 dBi


9.3 dB/K (@11.8 GHz)

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