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Intellian intensifies its partnership with the U.S. Navy as missions deploy with the ARC-M4 Block 1

12 February 2024

Intellian intensifies its partnership with the U.S. Navy as missions deploy with the ARC-M4 Block 1


Irvine, CA. 12 February 2024  – Intellian Technologies Inc., a leading global provider of feature-rich, resilient satellite communications solutions has intensified its collaborative partnership with the U.S. Navy.

The U.S. Navy has successfully deployed the cutting edge, NDI/COTS ARC-M4 Block 1 tri-band antenna for operational use in the fleet. The system provides for electronically switchable, simultaneous operations on both X- and Ka-bands and was designed to maximize the value of the WGS constellation for the Navy warfighter. The ARC-M4 Block 1 is the second WGS terminal in Intellian’s family of highly capable and extensible WGS certified terminals.

The ARC-M4 Block 1 is the first operationally deployed U.S. Space Force-described hybrid terminal in the fleet. It was recently type approved for both SES O3b mPOWER and Viasat’s Global Xpress (GX) High Capacity Military Ka-Band payload. Compared to legacy Navy SHF systems of similar SWAP such as the CBSP Unit Level Variant (ULV) terminals and the SHF Navy Multiband Terminal (NMT), it presents an unprecedented improvement in overall RF performance, capability, and mission flexibility for the warfighter by offering “no-compromise” access to the relevant GSO and NGSO assets.

Additionally, Intellian is engaging with the wider U.S. DoD community to enable the ARC-M4 Block 1 to be compatible with emerging Military Ka-Band NGSO capability in the LEO and HEO orbits.

Intellian’s partnerships with key leading NGSO/GSO providers, such as Eutelsat OneWeb, SES, and Viasat, has enabled Intellian to design the ARC-M4 Block 1 to be ready for these constellations as they reach operational maturity. This benefits the U.S. Navy and relevant DoD community by eliminating the bottlenecks and costs associated in enabling terminals to access satellite assets of interest.  

The ARC-M4 Block 1 is designed for rapid deployment, leveraging Intellian’s expertise learned from years of rapid installs for cruise and oil and gas customers, which typically install in five days or less, even for larger user terminals such as Intellian’s high capacity 2.4m tri band terminals. The AptusNX antenna control unit’s industry-best user interface makes training quick, simple, and operations easy to use. 

The ARC-M4 Block 1 is in volume production today, and meets MIL Standards 188-164c, 461G, 464D, 810H, and 901E.

In order to comply with Navy C2 requirements, Intellian’s Pre-Planned Product Improvement (P3I) strategy will expand the list of natively supported NGSO constellations for the ARC-M4 Block 1. 

As part of its steadfast and continuing commitment to the US warfighter and its allies, Intellian has launched an initiative to leverage its industry-leading global supply chain management to ensure unprecedented tightly controlled configuration management that meets the stringent needs of the US DoD customers and other allied nations. Intellian has also expanded its R&D footprint in the US with the opening of its Maryland-based facility, its Advanced Development Center (ADC) to support the burgeoning needs of the U.S. DoD community. 

Edward Joannides, VP of Strategy & Business Development for Intellian USA said:

"I am excited to announce our ongoing collaboration with the U.S. Navy, highlighted by the successful deployment of our cutting-edge ARC-M4 Block 1 antenna. This significant milestone underscores our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art satellite communication solutions for national defense. Our continuous efforts involve enhancing the compatibility of this terminal with emerging Military Ka-Band GSO and NGSO capability. We take great pride in contributing to the Navy's mission by offering unparalleled RF performance, reliability, resilience, and mission flexibility with an unwavering 'no-compromise' approach."



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