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Intellian empowers communications for Argentine fishing vessels

21 November 2022
Fishing - v45C

Intellian empowers communications for Argentine fishing vessels

  • Customer: PROMAC
  • Market Sector: Fishing
  • Required Features: Reliable ship-to-shore communications infrastructure 


  • Upgrading legacy communications systems onboard
  • Improving operational efficiency, crew safety and productivity
  • Accurately monitoring weather conditions
  • Ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of crew

Electronica Naval S.A. has, for the past 25 years, been the exclusive marine supplier of the owners, operators and shipyards of the fishing industry in Argentina. The company has been operating for more than 50 years, supporting Argentine fishing fleets out of the Mar del Plata.

Many Argentinian fishing vessels continue to leverage legacy communications equipment, with extreme limitations on ship to shore interactions. Electronica Naval recognized this challenge and looked to Intellian to provide their customers with the connectivity that modern fishing fleets required. To start, Electronica Naval installed 26 v60E terminals on various customers vessels with much success and improvements in connectivity.

When Intellian introduced the v45C terminal, Electronica Naval were very excited to also trial this on a customer’s fleet of vessels. The PROMAC fleet in particular required an upgrade to its existing communications system, which was extremely limited, meaning it was hard for crew to communicate with their families onshore. They were previously only able to text, with no access to messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. On top of this, the upgrades were necessary to improve operational efficiencies onboard the vessel. These included, better monitoring of weather patterns for more accurate fishing route planning, and more streamlined and efficient communication between captain and crew to maintain high levels of onboard safety, in the event a crew member required urgent medical attention.


Electronica Naval S.A. partnered with Intellian to deploy and install the v45C terminal onboard the PROMAC fleet. “PROMAC really wanted to ensure that all crew members onboard had reliable and efficient satellite communication options to stay connected to their families back on land, says Martin Espelosin, Electronica Naval S.A.’s Engineer. “With Intellian’s VSAT terminals, PROMAC can rest assured that the wellbeing of its crew is a top priority.”

The decision to partner with Intellian came about due to Intellian’s reputation of being a flexible and solutions- orientated provider of reliable satellite communications solutions. Electronica Naval S.A. values Intellian’s dedicated technical support for troubleshooting and is a major reason Intellian was selected as the preferred technology supplier.


  • The v45C compact VSAT solution delivers connectivity at sea in an even smaller form factor
  • Solution is compact and light-weight, suitable for coping with the space constraints onboard fishing vessels
  • The v45C is compatible with Ku-band systems

With Intellian’s v45C solution, the PROMAC fleet can rest assured that their connectivity to Ku-band satellites is reliable and efficient. Installation was straightforward thanks to the single-cable, dome-on connection, and the PROMAC was able to activate its internet service quickly and efficiently.

“The smaller size and compact nature of the terminals makes it easy to transport and install and was hugely beneficial for our Argentine fishing customers like PROMAC’s fleet, as space onboard can be limited,” Espelosin notes.

Espelosin confirms that PROMAC ’s crew saw major improvements in connectivity. “Crew internet access is naturally very important. We were previously limited to text communications, but with Intellian’s v45C solution PROMAC can now conduct voice and video calls over WhatsApp and other messaging tools and receive real-time voyage and weather updates. They also now have the ability to connect and integrate IoT devices and ensure the safety and wellbeing of the crew with fast access to on shore emergency services.”

Being able to communicate regularly with family while crews are on fishing expeditions is hugely important for mental health and wellbeing. The enhanced communications solutions also helps the PROMAC fleet plan their fishing routes more efficiently, navigate challenging weather conditions and also monitor crew health and safety, especially in the event of a critical incident, should someone need access to emergency healthcare.

When asked what prompted Electronica Naval to opt for the v45C for the PROMAC fleet, Espelosin points to the flexibility and support they have received from Intellian. “The v45C was the ideal solution onboard as it ticked all the crew requirements, and the space limitations onboard. Intellian’s technical support and flexibility have made them a great partner for us. Their reputation in the market means we can trust their solutions to be the most reliable, efficient and cost- effective,” he says.

Electronica Naval and Intellian are fueling an evolution in the Argentine fishing industry through satellite communications.The latest terminal technology deployed to the PROMAC fleet has already meant an improved level of ship to shore communications for the crew and the captain, while also making fishing routes more efficient and improving the health and safety of the crew.

Solution Partner: Electronica Naval S.A.

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