Iridium Certus® C200M Terminal designed for maritime and suitable for the smallest vessel or USV

Many of the features and underlying technology of the C200M are common with the market leading Intellian C700 Maritime terminal that is trusted globally for its reliability and performance.

The Intellian C200M provides IP data speeds of up to 176 kbps (up and down), supports multiple concurrent voice calls, and can be configured as a stand-alone terminal or as a VSAT companion. Customers will gain both scalability and advanced performance over the Iridium Certus network whenever needed.

Key Features

Small and light

The Intellian C200M has been designed and manufactured as a small and lightweight terminal that will fit on any vessel or USV. Measuring only 240 x 145 mm / 9.45” x 5.71” and weighing 3.5 kg / 7.7 lb, it is Intellian's smallest terminal. 

Built-in AptusLX intuitive management tool

Simple and quick installation via AptusLX, an intuitive web-based platform to manage and control the terminal. 

Lower total cost of ownership

Intellian focus on delivering value to our customers through low total cost of ownership. This comes from building highly reliable terminals that are easy to install and have a wide range of features and functionality that reduce the amount of additional equipment required and minimize air time costs through automatic WAN switching and preventing out-of-policy usage. Intellian’s responsive global support teams are there to help if needed and the terminal comes with a market leading 3 year parts and labour warranty.

All-in-one solution

The C200M terminal delivers unparalleled features and functionality that include: WAN mediator, Wi-Fi antenna, built-in soft PABX & firewall and will be GMDSS-capable upon its introduction to Iridium Certus. Bringing all these features together in one package simplifies installation & configuration, and eliminates the possibility of conflicts that can occur when these features are provided using connected equipment.


The perfect VSAT companion

  • L-band element of an intelligent hybrid network
  • Data communication throughput – 176 Kbps Up, 176 Kbps Down
  • Out-Of-Band management
  • Powerful API enables full integration with 3rd party Smart Boxes
  • 19" rack mount BDU version available

Enhanced cyber security

  • Built-in Firewall
  • HTTPS, TLS certificate
  • Data Encryption

Advanced voice solution

  • 3 HD Quality voice lines
  • Directly connect up to 4 SIP Phones 
  • Up to 2 analog telephones
  • Soft PABX for up to 16 SIP Phones

True global coverage

  • Iridium LEO network of 66 satellites
  • Pole to Pole coverage
  • Low-Earth Orbit, stronger signals
  • Low latency, high speed and always-on
  • GMDSS Ready*

*For non-SOLAS market, when paired with Intellian GMDSS console. GMDSS console and SOLAS-compliant terminals are under development and will be available in the future.

Market Sectors

Intellian C200M Users

The C200M terminal has been developed to satisfy customer demands in the maritime industry, where vessel sizes and communication needs vary.

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Merchant Yachting Fishing Energy


Radome Dimension

240 x 145 mm (9.45 x 5.71 inch)

Reflector Diameter


Antenna Weight

3.5 kg / 7.7 lb

TX Frequency

1616 MHz ~ 1626.0 MHz

RX Frequency

1616 MHz ~ 1626.5 MHz

TX Gain


RX Gain




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Where to Buy

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