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Intellian launches new Iridium Certus C200M and C200L terminals for reliable connectivity across land and sea

17 April 2024

c200l and c200m

Pyeongtaek, Korea - 17 April 2024 - Intellian Technologies, Inc., the leading global technology and solutions provider for satellite communications, today launches the C200M and C200L terminals for use on Iridium Certus® 200, the award-winning, multi-service platform. These global L-band solutions provide robust connectivity for land and maritime markets. 

The Iridium Certus 200 service has pole to pole coverage, and offers Iridium’s unique capabilities in small, cost-effective terminals. It keeps you connected when and where it is needed most. The Iridium Connected® solutions designed for this service class are ideal for remote communications and fleet management, business continuity, and connected ship applications. Whether you are responding to an emergency, providing humanitarian aid after disasters, or need to stay connected with loved ones while at sea, Iridium Certus 200 keeps you connected when and where it is needed most.

Both the C200M and C200L have been successfully certified by Iridium® for use on their Iridium Certus 200 service and are now available to order through Intellian’s global network of distribution partners, each specializing in their respective markets, giving customers a huge choice of partners per region.

These new products will provide customers with data speeds of up to 176 kbps (up and down) and support multiple concurrent high-quality voice calls. The C200M is Intellian’s smallest terminal, designed for commercial ships, fishing vessels and leisure craft, as well as unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Applications including safety, bridge and connected ship IoT features like engine monitoring and remote diagnostics, as well as situational awareness relating to issues such as environmental regulations, all become more efficient with connectivity. It enjoys many of the benefits of the C700 and as such enters the market trusted globally for its reliability and performance. The terminal can be configured as a standalone device or as a companion to VSAT and flat panels.

The C200L, has been designed for fixed land use cases, where traditional connectivity solutions are unavailable or unreliable. When a disaster happens, cellular infrastructure can be wiped out or networks can fail – leaving companies vulnerable. With the C200L and Iridium’s business continuity solutions, banks, hospitals, public safety organizations, and businesses can safely coordinate between locations and get updates on changing conditions in real time.

The C200L is also the perfect solution for out of band management (OOBM) for Ku-band or Ka-band land-based terminals, including flat panels, fixed parabolics and gateways. Due to its inherent resilience, the L-band presents customers access for remote diagnostics. This becomes particularly advantageous when terminals are deployed in distant or isolated locations.

The C200M and C200L provide an all-in-one service which encompasses a WAN mediator, Wi-Fi antenna, built-in soft PABX and firewall. They include dedicated interference blocking elements, making the terminal inherently resilient to interference from terrestrial cellular equipment. Weighing only 3.5kg (7.7lb) the C200 is an exceptionally small and lightweight terminal that can be easily installed and has a simple set-up configuration. Once the C200 is installed, the built-in, user-friendly AptusLX software enhances the commissioning and setup experience.

Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian Technologies, said, “As we celebrate our 20th year in business, Intellian remains dedicated as ever to pioneering products that combine innovation and reliability. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work. Developed by our team in London, home to our L-band Center of Excellence, in collaboration with our dedicated R&D team in Pyeongtaek, the launch of the C200M and C200L Iridium Certus terminals exemplifies this dedication.  The addition of these solutions not only expands our range of stand-alone L-band terminals but also as VSAT companions, enhancing our overall market offering. They are our most compact terminal to date and offer resiliency, enhancing connectivity, safety, and productivity across diverse applications. At Intellian, our ongoing focus on product innovation ensures we deliver exceptional results for our valued partners and customers.”

Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President, Iridium, concluded, "We're excited to see the launch of Intellian's C200M and C200L, key additions to our Iridium Certus 200 service. This collaboration underscores the strength of Iridium and Intellian, delivering reliable, global connectivity in a compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient design. The C200M is designed to meet diverse maritime needs, from vessel monitoring to IoT applications, with the C200L supporting land fixed markets including business continuity. This launch further strengthens our commitment to advancing global communications, building upon the success of the C700, by providing customers with new innovative terminals for use with Iridium Certus."



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