Reliable and Powerful 65cm Maritime System
v60E Highlights
Enhanced RF Perfomance
  • Best RF Performance in 65cm class
  • Highly efficient performance with a compact and lightweight mechanical structure
Controlled Costs
  • Reduced spare parts more than 40% with modularized components
  • Advanced design ensures high reliability and simplified maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership
Advanced AptusNX
  • Responsive embedded web application, platform agnostic.
  • Simple operation with automated and preconfigured dashboard
Simplified Installation
  • Single coaxial cable with external cable connection - Pre-slung lifting straps - rapid deployment crates
  • Installation wizard with step by step commissioning guide within AptusNX

Advanced Performance and Design

Intellian’s advanced RF design and technology delivers highly efficient performance, including enhanced tracking precision compared to other 65 cm class systems. The v60E has a compact and streamlined mechanical design to produce a light weight and robust antenna, maintaining high levels of reliability and performance that are compulsory in a Maritime environment.

Controlled Costs with Light and Compact Form-factor

With its light and compact form-factor, the cost of installation and logistics is reduced. The weight of the antenna system is only 42kg, allowing installation without a crane and this saves the total cost of installation.

Simplified installation & enhanced AptusNX

Combining Tx, Rx and DC power into one coaxial cable solution with an external dome-on connection enables faster and reduced costs of installation for the v60E. It also eliminates the need to remove the radome during installation. Users can commission the system using AptusNX by simply plugging a laptop into the ACU, without any need to download extra software. The AptusNX uses an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide to easily complete setup, and with enhanced diagnostic capabilities, the AptusNX can send an alert to the network operator when preventative maintenance is required.

  v60E Features  
Single Coaxial Cable
  • Combined Tx, Rx and DC power in one coax cable
  • Only one coax cable connection between antenna and ACU
Pain-free Installation
  • Dome-on external cable connection without radome hatch open
  • No shipping brackets eliminating the need to open the radome during installation and testing
  • Built-in web interface for remote management, control and updating brings tech support onboard
  • Intuitive configuration wizard including bow-offset and accurate diagnostics and modem pre-configuration
Simplified 6W Single BUC
  • NJRC Ku-band 6W BUC is provided as standard
Gyro-free Operation
  • No input required from ship’s heading device
  • Quick setup to reduce installation time. Automated bow offset function in AptusNX
Global Satellite Library
  • Preinstalled database of detailed satellite data with one-touch remote update using AptusNX
  • Customizable satellite library when required for a specific network
Auto Beam Switching (ABS)
  • Supports ABS via the OpenAMIP protocol from iDirect and Comtech’s ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol
Open Platform Compatibility
  • Fully compatible with all major service providers
  • Preconfigured modem settings provided in AptusNX

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