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Marlink's Sealink ...Whatever Floats Your Boat Small Antenna For Yachts
07 Nov, 2016 | Mon 7 Nov 2016 by

Marlink will show a new state-of-the-art 65cm antenna for its Sealink small antenna service, in addition to focusing on its unique Sealink Flex service plan, which can lower the cost of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communications for the average boat owner. Sealink Flex users can take advantage of Marlink’s new Sealink service designed for small antennas. Launched in June this year, the service is the first to offer a truly global Ku-band VSAT network specially for 60cm class antennas. Previously, small antennas have only been viable on higher-cost and regional only VSAT services, but with Marlink’s network, thousands of boats and yachts that do not have the space on board for larger, heavier antennas can utilize global and high-speed maritime broadband using a single, seamless service.

Sealink Flex enables fast, reliable, and cost effective communications on regional and global coverage, accommodating seasonal usage, which is ideal for yacht owners with lay-up plans for the winter. Users can choose from guaranteed speeds or allowance plans in addition to bandwidth upgrades on request for periods when extra bandwidth outside of the service plan is needed. 

Smaller antennas are lower-cost and easier to install making Marlink’s new service an attractive option for owners looking to step-up to high-speed maritime broadband. The service now benefits from the availability of the Intellian V65 antenna, which is the most powerful 65cm antenna available today. It promises to deliver a connectivity experience close to that offered by 80 cm or 1 m antennas.

By moving to Marlink’s dedicated smaller antenna service and Sealink Flex, owners and crew will enjoy more access to streaming services, web-TV, social media, web browsing and messaging services, ensuring that friends and family can be updated throughout a voyage anywhere in the world. Despite using more compact antennas than generally found on merchant vessels, Marlink guarantees the same high bandwidth globally for a fast, smooth and reliable online experience similar to larger antennas. The Sealink small antenna service is also available without Sealink Flex.

“We are re-entering the leisure market focusing on the parameters of great importance for yacht owners by offering smaller antennas with higher throughputs globally with the most flexible terms in the market,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “More yacht owners will now have the opportunity to choose VSAT connectivity, while still experiencing the full benefits of connectivity services usually found on super yachts.”


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