Satellite TV Accessories
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Intellian Multi Satellite Interface Module (MIM)
For Dish Network and Bell TV subscribers, this innovative device automates the required switching between the TV provider's satellites. Viewers can simply change channels from the remote control without having to adjust any settings on the ACU. The Intellian MIM supports up to four receivers.

Compatibility : i- and t-Series. Bell TV (Canada) Dish Network (USA)

Part Number : M2-TD02

Matching Radome
Smaller Intellian antennas (for example, FleetBroadband communications antennas) can be mounted inside larger radomes to match the look of any existing Intellian installation. Many boat owners also chose to create the symmetrical "dual dome look" by installing an empty radome next to their Intellian i- or t-Series antenna.

Compatibility : All Intellian Antennas

Dual TVRO Mediator
Some vessels require dual TVRO antennas to counter onboard blockage created by masts, cranes, and other portions of the superstructure. Intellian's Dual TVRO Mediator communicates with both Antenna Control Units, automatically switching signal feeds from one to the other within milliseconds when an antenna enters a blockage zone.

Compatibility : All i-Series, t-Series, s-Series

Part Number : M2-TM03

TVRO FiberLink Module
A simple connection between the antenna and below deck unit, combining four LNB signals into one high speed fiber optic cable. The advantages of fiber optic cable are that it is smaller and more flexible than coaxial cable, and that it provides zero signal loss up to 2000 meters.

Compatibility : t240CK

Part Number : FO-1T11

Download Datasheet

Service Kit
Intellian supplies Level 1, 2 and 3 Service Kits complete with replacement motors, belts and other critical antenna components to ensure that technicians have what they need on hand. All kits come neatly packed in a custom Pelican case. Each part is individually wrapped and labeled with both a part number and a descriptive name.

Compatibility : t-Series, s80HD, s100HD

t240CK Lifting Straps
All of Intellian's sub 2 meter antennas come with lifting straps pre-slung to save time during installation. This is not possible on the t240CK, however, as the radome must be assembled in the field. For peace of mind, Intellian provides optional factory-certified lifting straps for use with all Intellian 2.4 meter antennas.

Compatibility : t240CK

Part Number : VC-1040 (Certified Lifting Strap 11.5m X1EA)

Part Number : VC-1041 (Certified Lifting Strap 4m X 4EA)

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