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Intellian's line of satellite TV antennas offers some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use systems in the world. These products have been developed for boat owners who go anywhere in any conditions, or those who like to stay in the slip. With High Definition(HD) and Standard Definition(SD) programming pushing the envelope of technology, Intellian manufactures antennas with a solid state design with fewer moving parts so our products are smaller, more cost-effective, low maintenance, easy to install and operate, durable and reliable. We bring satellite entertainment to the high seas.
Intellian i-series
The i-series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use marine grade, in motion, television antennas in the world. The i-series line of products are designed for boat owners who want to watch satellite television, even HDTV, on their vessel while it is tied to a dock or voyaging in rough conditions.
Product LineUp i9P i6/i6P i4/i4P i3 i2
Antenna Dish Size 85 cm (33.5") 60 cm (23.6") 45 cm (17.7") 37 cm (14.6") 33 cm (13")
Radome Dimension(WxH) 113 x 121 cm
70 x 72 cm
50 x 54 cm
43 x 44 cm
37 x 38 cm
Antenna Weight 55kg
(121.2 lbs)
(44 lbs)
(25.6 lbs)
(19.8 lbs)
(9.5 lbs)
Minumum EIRP 44dBw 47dBw 49dBw 50dBw 51dBw
Automatic Skew Control Yes Yes (i6P only) Yes (i4P only) No No
Antenna Control Unit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in HDTV Module Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Trisat Function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in GPS System Yes Yes Yes Yes No
GPS Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible Satellite TV Service Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide N.America