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Marine Satellite Antenna Technology Leader’s New Ku- and Ka-Band TV Antenna Delivers Simultaneous Three-Satellite DIRECTV Reception

Irvine, Calif. - Intellian, the world’s technological leader in marine satellite antennas, announced today the latest addition to its technologically superior line of marine stabilized satellite TV antennas, the s6HD. Ensuring DIRECTV’s full line of programming can be accessed without the delays and inconvenience associated with most other systems on the market, the s6HD is equipped with a powerful new multifeed, multi-band Low Noise Block-Down Converter (LNB). Coupled with Intellian’s powerful and proprietary Wide Range Search (WRS) Algorithm and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) for industry-leading reception and superior performance, the innovative s6HD provides an ideal, no-compromise solution for boaters who want to enjoy a limitless mix of HD and SD programming with the high quality and dependability that is synonymous with the Intellian name.

Based on the Intellian design philosophy that simplicity equals reliability, the s6HD is plug and play DIRECTV capable, easy to operate and incorporates an elegant dual cable design that is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. Able to receive DIRECTV’s complete range of programming signals at the same time, the s6HD eliminates the search time required when switching between satellites. Out of the box, the antenna system enables sixteen receivers to be connected at once and supports up to eight DVRs for maximum flexibility, allowing individuals to record one channel while viewing another. The s6HD is also completely expandable, allowing boaters the flexibility of adding a virtually unlimited number of splitters to support the receivers and configurations that best suit their needs now and in the future. The s6HD incorporates a motion sensor for multi-band alignment control, effectively resulting in a 2.5-axis antenna that delivers rock solid performance. Like all Intellian antennas, the s6HD is built to exceed industry and even military shock and vibration standards, as well as excel in all sea states and harsh weather conditions specific to the maritime market.

“The s6HD combines Intellian’s multi-band LNB with our signature reliability and performance for the ultimate in DIRECTV viewing and reception at sea,” said Eric Sung, president and CEO of Intellian. “Our engineers worked diligently to develop a solution that is worthy of the Intellian name. With the s6HD, our customers can now enjoy the unlimited access they desire from the company they can trust.”
The s6HD features a multi-feed, multi-band LNB for simultaneous connection to two Ka-band and
one Ku-band satellites for reception of DIRECTV (101°W, 99°W and 103°W) North American satellites. The antenna is also capable of receiving BellTV, DishNet, and local DIRECTV services. The s6HD includes four RF ports, two for DIRECTV service and two for legacy output, and comes complete with two eight-way splitters and one SWM Power Inserter. Like all Intellian marine TV antenna solutions, the s6HD meets the company’s extremely high environmental testing standards.

With a simple, elegant design and compact size, the perfectly balanced s6HD platform also minimizes components and cabling, thus increasing reliability, and making installation and maintenance easier than other solutions on the market. The s6HD has a 23.6-inch (60 cm) antenna dish diameter, is housed in a 27.5-inch (70 cm) diameter by 28.3-inch (72 cm) radome and weighs 47.8 pounds (21.7 kg). The antenna has an elevation range of 5-degrees to 90-degrees, supports a power input range of 9 to 30 volts, is IPx6 rated, shock and vibration proof, and is protected by a 3-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty.

Price & Availability:

The Intellian s6HD is priced at USD $9,995, and will be available for sale from authorized Intellian dealers and distributors starting in April 2011. For more information on the Intellian s6HD, or Intellian and its innovative range of marine satellite TV, VSAT and FleetBroadband products, please contact sales@intelliantech.com or visit www.intelliantech.com

About Intellian Technologies
Intellian is the global leader in maritime satellite communication antenna systems. Founded in 2004, the fastest growing company in the industry, Intellian has delivered over 13,000 antennas in just five years. Intellian offers a full line of VSAT communications and satellite TVRO antennas for recreational boats and ocean vessels in the commercial, oil & gas markets, and the military. Intellian exports its product to six continents and over 40 countries and has established 300 contracted dealers and support network worldwide. Intellian is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and has a U.S. operation in Irvine, California.

For more information about Intellian call (949) 727-4498 or visit www.intelliantech.com.
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